Brother NZ moves to new $10M head office and warehouse

It’s always an exciting day when a new business moves into the Estate, and we were absolutely delighted to hand the keys over to Brother International (NZ) this month, signalling the completion of this significant project that has seen the relocation of its headquarters from Wellington.

Brother New Zealand Chairman Graham Walshe has always stated that a key factor, in their decision to relocate their head office at Tauriko Business Estate, was the overall reduction in costs, with the move expecting to save them $5 million over the next five years. It’s facts like these that allow us to continue to position Tauriko Business Estate as the most desirable location for businesses.

In a Bay of Plenty Times article on Saturday October 25th, Graham says Brother’s move here had coincided with a period of record sales and eight temporary staff had been taken on to cope with the workload. Of the Wellington staff, 28 were relocating, two had stayed on in new jobs in Wellington and only two had left the company. In addition, the company had recruited additional permanent staff in Tauranga and was expected to have added a total of about 10 people locally within the next three months.

Priority One’s Chief Executive Andrew Coker also commented in the article on the immense benefits to our region with Brother’s move here. He said “The relocation to Tauranga has been a massive project, and also a real commitment by their staff in taking up the option to move with the company. This reflects highly on them as an organisation, and they are just the sort of business we want to see settling up here. Equally I know the effort Element IMF has put in to support Brother’s decision and to make the business case stack up, and they deserve recognition for their part in a successful outcome.”

Mr Coker noted that from the moment the decision was made, Brother’s management team had used local suppliers wherever possible, contributing to the growth of local business. “Ultimately, the community is the beneficiary of Brother’s decision to relocate there – not only by providing more job opportunities, but also the real spin-offs for businesses that supply goods and services to them.”

And that’s great news for Tauriko Business Estate and this region!

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