Tauranga Crossing Retail Centre gets green light

Our recovering economy got another boost recently with the impending start of the Tauranga Crossing Retail Centre.

The owners have consent for Stage 1, which will be just over 16,000 m2 GFA and have confirmed that they are on track to have leased over 65% of Stage 1 by the end of Q3, 2014.

The development will comprise a regional shopping centre site of 13 Ha – consented for over 44,700 m2 of GFA and 1,600 car parks. Stage 1 construction is planned to start in early 2015 and will be anchored by discount department store The Warehouse and a supermarket. Whilst agreement has been reached with The Warehouse we hear an agreement for the lease of the supermarket space is well advanced.

A leasing campaign will start shortly for approximately 5,000 m2 of specialty space – ranging from convenience food to service and general merchandising. Future stages are designed to incorporate an enclosed mall and department store, cinemas, food court and other entertainment, service and further large format and specialty retailing.

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